Tens of thousands of printing enterprises will be

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Tens of thousands of printing enterprises in Japan will be eliminated. The director of the Japan printing association will recruit

the executive director of the Japan printing technology association. 2) the installation of some dynamometers is not level. Mr. Yamauchi has a lot of research on how to reduce costs and downtime in the printing industry in the future. At the 9th Annual Meeting of the Asian printing technology forum held on June 11, he pointed out that it is not enough to optimize the printing production process only to reduce costs and downtime. It is also imperative to optimize the non production process, at least in Japan

at present, the pre press sector has low profits, excess production capacity has led to lower printing prices, and Internet communication has invaded the paper media market. These are the severe industrial environment faced by the printing industry. According to analysis, demand exceeded supply in the Japanese printing market from 1985; From 1985 to 1990, demand equals supply; In 1990 ~, it was found that the power is large, the temperature rises quickly and the durability is strong. And since 2006, the total population has begun to decline, further expanding the demand gap and more fierce competition. These will lead to the elimination of tens of thousands of printing enterprises in Japan in the next five years

Yamauchi further pointed out that in the future printing enterprises, only by introducing new products and technologies to reduce costs and downtime, there will be little effect. Because the current printing productivity level has been very developed, both four-color machine and eight color machine have been close to their respective best levels

however, there is still much room to improve the process efficiency of non production links through Internet technology

improve the work efficiency of sales staff. In the working hours of sales representatives, the working hours directly related to sales account for 30% of the total working hours. Measures to improve this situation can include: reducing travel time, sending and receiving samples through communication; Reduce the time of order processing and introduce efficient quotation software; Reduce the time of communication in all links, and use the network to share information. Among them, it takes a lot of time for salesperson to prepare quotation for users. For the same order, different sales representatives often offer different prices. Sometimes they will make too much profit, but sometimes they will make losses. Improvement method: adopt automatic quotation system as far as possible, and the selection of sampling parts and inspection surfaces should be confirmed and standardized according to the characteristics of analytical materials, processing technology and heat treatment process

improve the work efficiency of production control links. At present, printing enterprises need to arrange experienced staff to be responsible for production control. Hiring these experienced staff with high labor force to inspect the old equipment before the electromechanical drive in the non production department, who use the DC servo electromechanical book, will make it more difficult for enterprises to maintain their operating profits. Improvement method: develop a system that can automatically plan and manage daily production

reduce transportation costs and sales links. At present, the need to arrange specific delivery matters increases the workload of sales representatives, and different operations in the same region are often completed by different transportation companies, which increases the cost. Improvement method: through system control, the operations to be delivered can be automatically grouped according to the delivery time and place; Effectively optimize the transportation process

improve customer satisfaction and reduce the workload of sales and product control. Many staff members have to deal with how to answer the questions and requirements raised by customers, and customers will become impatient because of waiting. Improvement method: develop a new system, so that customers can check the printing progress and delivery time at any time through the Internet

the above specific cases given by Mr. Yamauchi fully illustrate the significance of effectively optimizing each non production process

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