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Ten year review and Prospect of China's dairy industry (IV)

unremittingly continue to do two jobs

first, continue to pay attention to the construction of milk source base, and solve the contradiction between modern dairy processing and backward cow feeding mode

as mentioned just now, the dairy industry has made great achievements in the construction of raw material base in the past decade, and the measurement accuracy is relatively low. The quality of raw milk has changed fundamentally. However, the quality of raw milk is still the main contradiction affecting the quality of dairy products, and great efforts must be made. Small scale decentralized feeding is the main mode of dairy farming in China at this stage, which is incompatible with large-scale modern dairy processing. All dairy production enterprises 2. Supporting equipment: dairy farmers should be guided to improve the feeding level of dairy cows, increase the unit yield of dairy cows, improve the quality of raw milk and increase benefits through large-scale management. We should guide scattered cows to enter the "garden" and "area" for breeding, gradually cancel the intermediate link of raw milk purchase, or bring middlemen into the scope of enterprise management, so that the quality of raw milk is under the effective control of the enterprise. Under the situation that all sectors of society pay more and more attention to food safety, dairy enterprises should assist the animal husbandry management department to strengthen the monitoring of cow feed, drinking water, additives, veterinary drugs, epidemic diseases, etc., so as to ensure the quality and safety of milk

dairy enterprises should pay attention to the construction of milk source bases and determine their own milk source bases through the coordination of government departments. Whoever plants trees will get fruit. We are opposed to the rush to buy raw materials in other people's milk source bases. It not only violates the professional ethics of the industry, but also brings a variety of disadvantages to rob others' milk sources instead of building their own milk source base. Seizing milk sources reflects a false relationship between supply and demand, which should lead to the blind development of dairy industry; Seizing milk sources is a short-term behavior of supply and demand, and is the main reason for "pouring milk"; Snatch milk sources, resulting in a decline in the quality of raw milk; Snatch milk source, leading to milk price instability. We should implement the construction policy of milk source base that plans to raise cattle, determines the purchase and sales relationship through contracts, and relies on economic means to adjust the quantity, so as to avoid the risks caused by blind development and protect the interests of dairy farmers. All localities should adopt government legislation to stop the disorderly competition in the purchase of raw milk, stop the behavior of cutting down the grade and price of dairy farmers, and protect the interests of base builders and dairy farmers

explore the cooperation mode of integration between processing enterprises and dairy farming economy, and improve the ability of dairy farming industry to resist risks. In foreign countries, we have seen many examples. Dairy processing enterprises are jointly established by dairy farms. The dairy farm is the shareholder of the dairy factory. Because of this, one of their enterprises was subject to administrative punishment. It not only sold milk to the dairy factory, but also received dividends from the dairy factory at the end of the year. This close economic relationship has changed the simple trading relationship between dairy processing plants and dairy farmers, and closely linked the fate of dairy farms and dairy factories. This not only solves the contradiction of benefit distribution caused by the high and low milk prices, but also solves the problems of the quantity and quality of milk sources. The relationship between dairy processing enterprises and dairy farmers in China is basically a contract sale relationship, which is two different economic interests. It is easy to cause disputes over the quality of raw milk, and the quantity cannot be adjusted in time according to the changes of the market, lacking a fair and objective pricing mechanism. I believe that China's dairy industry should learn from the foreign way of integrating dairy farming and processing, and reform the management system of China's dairy industry

second, continue to guide consumption and expand the dairy market

as mentioned earlier, after nearly a decade of development, China's dairy market has undergone fundamental changes. The dairy market in large and medium-sized cities has gradually become relatively saturated, and a few affluent rural markets in small towns have just started. The main factor restricting the development of China's dairy industry is the consumer market. Therefore, guiding consumption and expanding the market will be a long-term task for the dairy industry. Since 1998, the China Dairy Industry Association has carried out the "national dairy nutrition week" nationwide from June 6 to 10 every year. In 2001, the "world milk day" publicity campaign has been launched, which has played a significant role in guiding consumption and expanding the market. The Association calls on all member units to take ownership of the publicity activities of "national dairy nutrition week" and "world milk day", and be willing to invest in manpower and materials. When the market cake is bigger, everyone has food. In particular, our large-scale backbone enterprises invest a lot in advertising every year, so we should devote a part of it to public welfare publicity of the industry. All member units should consciously abide by the code of market competition in dairy industry, standardize market competition behavior, and create a fair, just, orderly and harmonious market atmosphere. Large backbone enterprises should be the mainstay of the industry, entrepreneurs should set an example for the industry, take the lead in safeguarding the overall interests of the industry, fight against acts that harm the interests of the industry, resolutely stop exaggerating and misleading consumers in product labeling and advertising, and resolutely stop "concept speculation" without scientific basis for the purpose of cracking down on competitors and beautifying their products

comrades, entering the new century, with the rapid development of China's economy, the improvement of people's lives and the adjustment of dietary composition, the dairy industry will face and be able to use parallel interface and serial interface with infinite and broad development prospects. However, after extraordinary development, China's dairy industry will gradually enter a period of maturity and self-adjustment. In the face of the global economic integration and the rapid development of science and technology, entrepreneurs and employees in the dairy industry should size up the situation, firmly grasp the direction and pulse of international and domestic industry development, keep pace with the times, constantly adjust and develop themselves, constantly explore and innovate, strengthen unity and cooperation, and work together to promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's dairy industry, And make greater contributions to improving the nutritional level of our people

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