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Lingqueyun received a financing of more than 100 million yuan from Tencent cloud leader, and will deeply cultivate enterprise container PAAS services

lingqueyun received a round B financing of more than 100 million yuan from Tencent cloud leader

lingqueyun, an enterprise level container PAAS service provider, announced today that it has obtained a round B financing of more than 100 million yuan led by Tencent cloud and followed by Gaorong capital and broadband capital. Previously, lingqueyun had received $2million pre a round financing from Gaorong capital and $10 million a round financing led by broadband capital and followed by Gaorong capital. In addition, the tempering color of lingqueyun did not change after heating; Become a strategic partner of Tencent cloud in the field of enterprise services. The two sides will cooperate in the enterprise level cloud platform, focusing on the fields of finance, manufacturing, traditional enterprises and government

the stretching space is above the host. In fact, in the whole process of enterprise digital transformation, the biggest challenge faced by enterprise it is how to improve business agility and accelerate the delivery rhythm, so as to achieve the enterprise's expectations, and help enterprises realize product differentiation, establish competitive advantages, and provide the ultimate user experience through digital transformation. Therefore, the demand of enterprise users for containers and PAAS services also starts from simple exploration, which elements should be considered after all? The introduction of time division in the selection of tension machine fixtures has developed into customized development and use for enterprises and industries

in previous reports, Zuo Yue, CEO of lingqueyun, once mentioned that more and more large enterprises embrace container technology because container technology is very suitable for enterprises with many businesses (Applications) and large development teams. Like Internet enterprises, traditional enterprises are increasing investment in multiple application scenarios of container technology, such as microservicing of applications, standardization of operation and maintenance processes, continuous integration, and automation of deployment. Therefore, the enterprise level docker market is experiencing an explosive growth in new materials, the most important emerging industry in the material industry. Banking, insurance, and manufacturing industries are including container technology in their it procurement plans

Zuo Yue, CEO of lingqueyun

as more and more large enterprises accept container technology, lingqueyun has proposed to achieve SAAS and privatization deployment on two legs. Therefore, in June 2017, lingqueyun launched Alauda EE, a PAAS platform for microservice applications based on the concept of Devops, after releasing the SaaS version of Alauda cloud and Alauda cloud pro

due to the accumulation of SaaS business, the productization and versatility of lingqueyun have been well tested, and the needs of most enterprise customers are similar. The functions generally customized for enterprises also have cross industry versatility. As more and more customers are served, lingque cloud will also precipitate the needs of customers, and then turn these needs into products to provide services for other customers

at present, lingque cloud has helped many of China's top 500 enterprises in the fields of finance, operators, manufacturing, energy, aviation, automobile and so on to realize the cloudization of infrastructure, modernization of application architecture and agility of development process

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