Tenor, the hottest titanium dioxide manufacturer,

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Titanium dioxide manufacturer tenor shook hands with Credit Suisse and the official unsecured creditor Committee of American chemical manufacturer tronoxinc applied to the federal bankruptcy court for approval of the $5 million agreement it signed with creditsuissegroupag

the committee declared that this agreement is very important. Together with other agreements, it provides a framework for tenor's restructuring plan

the Committee filed a lawsuit against several banks involved in the Kerr mcgeecorp divestiture of tenor in 2006, accusing them of "fraudulent transfer"

tenor asked to recover the accounts and interests it paid to Lehman commercial paper Inc. and Credit Suisse according to different experiments, which were more than US $125million. The above two companies were the administrative agents of tenor who completed the full digital adjustment of data collection and control process in advance of applying for loans. Court documents show that at first, Lehman was the administrative agent of tenor, and later, Credit Suisse replaced it as the main agent of tenor

in January, 2009, in order to solve the litigation costs and clean up the environmental problems inherited from Komaki, American tenor company applied for bankruptcy protection to the federal court

within a few months after tenor was divested, anadarkopelectroleumcorp paid $18billion for Komaki

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