Ten years of blowout development, 100 years of AI

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Ten years of blowout development, a hundred years of AI career, people installed on the swing rack, industrial intelligence has become the "inflection point" of the century

on March 22, Xu Bing, founder and CEO of superstring college, held an open exchange lecture on the development of artificial intelligence industry in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The audience were all staff of Shenzhen China international high tech achievements trading center, Based on the future of artificial intelligence related industries, investment promotion and other work on how to achieve a targeted exchange

at the meeting, the keynote speaker analyzed the development trend of AI industry and interpreted the essence of AI technology and the future development trend of AI industry chain in simple terms. He pointed out that artificial intelligence, as a new engine of the wave of scientific and technological change in the next stage, will penetrate into all walks of life, help traditional industries achieve leapfrog upgrading, and bring broad development prospects and good market opportunities

global trends

combined with the development trend of global artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence has been widely concerned by major scientific and technological powers in the world, and the country takes artificial intelligence as a national policy such as "overtaking on Curves". The "human brain plan" of the European Union, the "artificial intelligence pearl" of Japan, and the samples purchased by the consumer committees of Macao and Zhuhai were entrusted to the inspection and Quarantine Technology Center of Zhuhai entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau and CIIC (Macao) inspection and analysis Co., Ltd. to carry out the integrated project of detection energy/big data/IOT/network security, respectively, and the "national strategic plan for artificial intelligence research and development" of the United States, all of which comprehensively promoted artificial intelligence to the national strategic level. At present, the United States is still the leader in the development of the global artificial intelligence industry. With a large number of powerful scientific and technological enterprises and universities and scientific research institutions rich in resources and talents, the United States has incomparable advantages from the underlying technology of artificial intelligence to the application market

under such a global trend, Xu Bing said that China is now a big country in artificial intelligence, and its influence has been steadily increased. Since 2016, the construction of artificial intelligence has been raised to the national strategic level, and relevant policies have entered a comprehensive outbreak period. Thanks to the positive impact of the AI industry on the economy and the good application market background, it is expected to continue to receive strong support from the state in the next few years. Many enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions will also continue to increase investment in technology and application research and development, jointly promote China to maintain and develop its own competitive advantage, and deeply participate in the global AI industry cooperation and competition

After analyzing the industrial trend, Xu Bing then analyzed several core principles and technologies in artificial intelligence, analyzed the industrial chain and industrial development scale of artificial intelligence, and pointed out the existing application directions of artificial intelligence in China: intelligent driving, robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent finance, intelligent medicine, intelligent home Intelligent education has made data analysis and industry analysis, and listed its main products and typical enterprises. So that the public can really understand the real artificial intelligence

worrying about talents

the most worrying thing is that at this stage, there are few talents in artificial intelligence in China, and the introduction of talents by artificial intelligence enterprises is also applicable to many pain points of teaching demonstration in Colleges and technical secondary schools, which makes the process of industrial development slightly slower than that in developed countries, but if the follow-up is weak, it may open a larger gap and catch up with the dust

in order to solve the bottleneck problem of artificial intelligence talents, superstring college has developed a complete production, study and research system of artificial intelligence technology education, and established superstring community talent database, artificial intelligence entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship incubation platform, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, and superstring enterprise member alliance. With complete system and strong teachers, it not only assists the development process of artificial intelligence to solve pain points and break through bottlenecks, It also provides an endless stream of talents for major AI application enterprises, and provides opportunities and platforms for confused young people to systematically learn and improve themselves

at the meeting, everyone also spoke enthusiastically and competed to ask questions. The charm of artificial intelligence is evident. People are full of expectations for the future development of artificial intelligence

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