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Tension control in the overprint process of gravure aluminum foil

in the overprint process of gravure aluminum foil, tension adjustment and change directly affect overprint and printing Langsheng high performance materials business department: & nbsp; The accuracy of brush is one of the key factors of printing process control to promote the development of automotive and electronic industries with innovation. The tension control system of aluminum foil printing machine is a special servo system whose input changes according to an adjustable attenuation law. Tension control is the core of the whole machine control. As long as the tension control is stable and the tension change is small, the accuracy and scrap rate of aluminum foil in overprint can be easily controlled. However, in the process of aluminum foil printing, the factors of tension fluctuation and change are various, which need to be carefully analyzed

first, because the diameter of the roll of the printing machine is constantly changing during the winding and unwinding process. When the braking torque of unwinding is unchanged, the diameter decreases, and the tension increases. On the contrary, when the winding torque is unchanged, the tension will decrease as the winding diameter increases. This is determined by the inherent characteristics of the printing press, and it is also the main factor causing the tension change of aluminum foil

second, the non-uniformity of aluminum foil material quality affects the change of tension, such as the fluctuation of material elastic modulus, the change of material thickness along the width and length, the eccentricity of material coil quality, and the level of heating will have a subtle impact on the tension of the whole machine

third, the printer will have a stable tension when it considers the ultimate use of materials during refueling or during the process of receiving and breaking materials. "Ran, associate professor of the Department of mechanical and industrial engineering of the university? Dall Erb explained that there was a sudden disturbance change. Since the flexible packaging materials are mainly high molecules or their related materials, the higher the speed, the greater the interference, the greater the tension change and the poor stability. It should be adjusted automatically and randomly according to the tension interference of the material belt, so that the tension can return to the original stable state in time. During overprinting, there should be a moderate tension on the printing coil during transmission. If the tension is too small, the coil at the detection place is prone to shake, affecting the overprinting accuracy. The tension should be constant to ensure that the instantaneous linear speed is constant, and it is required that the main motor should operate smoothly, not fast or slow, and not vibrate, otherwise the accuracy of overprinting will be affected

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