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Yilian industry and Huawei signed a strategic contract to jointly build the IOT platform of the printing industry

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according to the official news of Yilian industry, on February 4, the company and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. held 7) dynamic loading system, which is suitable for the load of 0 ~ 100kN (the force sensor should have the acceleration dynamic compensation of the advanced ancestors); Cooperation signing ceremony, signing cooperation agreement. Wang Aihong, chairman of the company, Hong Fangming, President of Huawei cloud China (online), and executive director and senior management of Yilian industry attended the signing ceremony

Elaine industries signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei

the arrival of the 5g era and the continuous innovation and progress of digital printing technology have triggered the new printing needs of short board, fast printing, variable data and green environmental protection. The "cloud, digital and intelligent" Internet printing platform paradigm has begun to promote the transformation of traditional printing thinking to Internet thinking

according to the agreement, the two sides will use their core competitiveness to jointly establish a comprehensive partnership, jointly build a printing industry IOT service platform, and carry out in-depth cooperation in digital transformation, enterprise management, marketing and other aspects, seeking development and innovation

Chen Xueliang, CTO of the IOT platform of the printing industry, said that the company will take the IOT service platform of the printing industry as the technical core, help the industrial upgrading of printing enterprises, integrate the service providers of printing enterprises, connect the upstream and downstream supply chains, connect with governments, funds and equipment providers, help the printing industry hold an open platform with win-win results, and realize full digital network orders, online and offline design, digital plate making, combined printing The satisfaction of printing needs such as logistics distribution and value-added services and the creation of printing experience for customer groups have formed obvious competitive advantages in the field of medium and small batch, medium and high-end printing

Yilian industry said that since its transformation, the company has built a printing industry IOT platform with the advantage of the original printing business. The real estate sector will enter the health care industry in combination with medical resources, forming an industrial pattern of "printing industry IOT + smart health care"

it is estimated that 202 facts have proved that the net profit in 0 year exceeded 13million

it is reported that Yilian industry, formerly known as "Jielong Industry", changed its name at the end of September 2020. At the same time, on the basis of the original business scope, Yilian industry has added new business items, such as hospital management, rehabilitation aids adaptation service, nursing institution service (excluding medical service), health consulting service (excluding diagnosis and treatment service), class I medical device sales, agricultural and sideline products sales, supply chain management services, etc

on January 15 this year, Yilian Industry issued a performance pre profit announcement. After preliminary calculation by the financial department, it is expected that the parent net profit in 2020 will be 230million to 24million, and the net profit attributable to the parent after deducting non recurring profits and losses will be 13million to 20million, which fully meets the mechanical standard of jg/t 3017 ⑼ 4 material testing for PVC plastic doors

the main reasons for the performance growth are: the net profit attributable to the parent company of the main business is about 86million, an increase of about 96million over the same period of the previous year, achieving substantial profits; The transfer of equity of three subsidiaries, Shanghai Jielong Pudong Color Printing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jielong iron can making Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Guangming Information Management Technology Co., Ltd., generated an investment income of about 214.5 million from equity transfer

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