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Yilian won the TMC Annual Product Award for three times

as a world-renowned unified communication product and service provider, the products and solutions of Yilian company have always been praised and recognized by users and the industry. In November, Yilian was awarded as the world's top5 SIP Phone Provider by Frost & Sullivan, the industry's most authoritative research organization, with its outstanding performance of achieving a compound growth rate of more than 80% for three consecutive years ()

recently, another significant mark was added to the Yilian honor list: the IP multimedia video phone vp530 successfully won the 2012 best VoIP product award

vp530 is a video communication terminal tailored for high-end business people. It supports local three-party videos, simulates a real and friendly conference atmosphere for participants thousands of miles away, helps customers improve communication efficiency and achieve communication goals, and seizes the fleeting opportunity for customers to quickly complete key decisions in the rapidly changing market competition. The telephone realizes the interconnection with PC, iPad, and other terminal devices, easily completes unified messaging, unified call and unified cooperation, and helps customers imagine the convenience and fun of free communication anytime and anywhere. The phone is also equipped with a 7-inch color LCD touch screen, which has rich functions such as virtual touch screen keys, user habit memory, remote protection of machinery intact technical state program address book, intelligent search, intelligent input, programmable keys, etc. due to the oil leakage of the experimental machine, it helps enterprise users simplify and improve work efficiency and communication experience

in 2012, a large number of products joined the tide of communication IP, so the selection this year is more difficult than in previous years. Relying on their own core competitiveness and product innovation, the winners have solved a large number of communication problems. Erik linask, director of TMC, concluded

vp530's friendly user experience has also been affirmed by a senior executive of the world's top 500 enterprises. Video conference plays an important role in the communication of our company. Especially in the communication with overseas branches, the role of video conferencing is irreplaceable. However, due to the complex actual situation, it is difficult to unify the system platform used by all branches, and the general telephone can not meet our needs, relying on the "force of one arm". Through extensive compatibility and expansion capabilities, Yilian vp530 can be compatible with various value-added programs and even customize personalized interfaces, which greatly improves work efficiency

internet telephony has fully verified that the quality and innovation of the award-winning products fully meet the market demand. At the same time, these award-winning products also fully reflect the advantages of IP communication technology. I want to express my sincere respect and warm congratulations to them! Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, commented

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