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Yimi Yuntong signed a contract for the provincial contact marketing business of a provincial branch of a large bank

efficient enabling bank smart transformation

recently, Yimi Yuntong successfully signed a contract for the provincial contact marketing business of a provincial branch of a large bank with its self-developed product Mihua AI intelligent voice system. After becoming an AI intelligent voice service provider for many large state-owned banks, including cosmic bank, Yimi Yuntong once again defeated its strong competitors and became a strategic partner of large commercial banks in the field of AI intelligent voice communication! The company said that as a sales means that is easier to build trust, attract attention and shape a sense of value, contact marketing can significantly improve the quantity and quality of customers. However, at present, the banking industry uses the scattered business halls as the terminal link of contact marketing, which brings some difficulties to improve the sales efficiency, including: the business halls are scattered everywhere, and the system is difficult to deploy and manage; In the process of sales execution, each party has its own way, lacking data support, and good sales experience and knowledge cannot be copied

cloud native +ai

effectively improve the sales conversion rate

Yimi Yuntong AI intelligent voice platform has the characteristics of cloud native, on-demand increase and decrease, intelligent prediction, intelligent compliance and intelligent man-machine integration. Through the way of cloud native +ai, it not only solves the problem that the business hall is scattered and difficult to deploy, but also solves the problem of data collection and analysis of contact marketing. Practice has proved that through intelligent prediction, intelligent compliance and intelligent man-machine combination, enterprises can greatly improve the sales conversion rate and customer turnover while selling in compliance

using this technology and equipment, Yimi Yuntong has accumulated a wealth of new types of recycled plastic granulators in the field of banking smart transformation, which are constantly optimized and updated theory and practical experience. At the same time, the cutting-edge technical strength of customizing AI intelligent voice solutions for many large banks is a solid foundation and important factor for Yimi Yuntong to win the favor of the banking industry

ai enabled cloud call center

the laboratory can make its own non-standard detection methods. So far, yimiyuntong is currently in the forefront of the Intelligent Cloud call center industry, with its overall number of seats ranking first in the industry, and its development speed ranking first. In the AI intelligent voice robot industry, Yimi Yuntong ranks in the forefront in terms of user size and service capabilities, and has become the leader of AI intelligent voice technology. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the replicability, operability and improvement of sales knowledge are crucial to the income improvement of enterprises

as an absolutely leading provider of intelligent voice platforms in finance, operators and other industries, Yimi Yuntong will continue to adhere to the concept that AI comes from people and serves people, focus on improving human efficiency with AI technology, and serve more innovative and upgraded enterprise customers in more industries through increasingly leading knowledge maps and man-machine integration

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