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Yilian was selected into the national enterprise technology center and the pilot demonstration project of big data industry development

as a listed enterprise in the field of enterprise communication, Yilian's technical strength in the field of communication is widely recognized. Recently, Yilian has been selected into national technical honors such as the national enterprise technology center and the 2020 big data industry development pilot demonstration project, and has become a member of the national team of industry technology

the national enterprise technology center is jointly reviewed and recognized by the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of finance, the General Administration of customs, the State Administration of Taxation and other five ministries and commissions. The conditions are extremely stringent. It mainly evaluates and recognizes enterprise technology centers with strong technological innovation ability, significant innovation performance and important demonstration role in major industries of the national economy

billion contact obtained the public list of the international technology center

the 2020 big data industry development pilot demonstration project was selected by the Ministry of industry and information technology after strict screening. The Ministry of industry and information technology promotes the implementation of the national big data strategy, and plans to promote big data technology, industrial innovation and healthy and orderly development through the pilot, demonstration and guidance of the project

Yilian was selected into the public list of 202 main threads, which mainly deals with human-machine interface. This time, it has successively obtained national certification in two technical fields if equipment problems occur, which is a high recognition of Yilian's comprehensive technical strength and special technological breakthroughs. Yilian is an enterprise with a strong atmosphere of engineers. More than 50% of its employees are engaged in technology and R & D related work. It has maintained high investment in R & D for a long time, takes product technology as the core, and pursues the best products and services. Now it has developed into one of the few domestic R & D enterprises that can compete with foreign counterparts in the field of unified communications

next, Yilian will continue to deepen the production and use of advanced technology fields such as big data, 5g, AI, etc., which need to pay attention to a lot of things, continue to improve products and services, build an enterprise integrated communication platform, transform the original information communication center into a value creation center, and make intelligent, smooth and seamless communication and cooperation become a booster for the rapid development of enterprises

Yilian video system is equipped with global intelligent routing technology

Yilian will create a future oriented communication mode for enterprises: a more intelligent human-computer interaction mode, creating a new application scenario; More meta information transmission makes interaction and collaboration more possible; More comprehensive system linkage to open up the whole process of enterprise business; More integrated cloud interconnection makes communication no longer have boundaries and restrictions

technology-based and product-based. Yilian is committed to creating high-quality, easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy audio and video product solutions, providing industry-leading enterprise communication services for more users around the world, enabling enterprises to upgrade digitally, and allowing users around the world to enjoy the communication fun brought by the development of network communication

during the epidemic period, Yilian cloud video, a remote video platform of Yilian, opened its registration for free to enterprises, teaching and training units, institutions, government departments, etc. users can enjoy 100 party video conferences, and a single conference is unlimited

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