Foton lovoti insists on connotation growth to impr

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Foton lovoti insists on connotative growth to improve business operation quality

Foton lovoti insists on connotative growth to improve business operation quality

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Guide: connotative growth, don't underestimate these four words, it makes an enterprise that depends on constantly extending new business to achieve growth, begin to change to ensure business development with the improvement of ability. This change changes the impression that Foton Lovol heavy industry gave people in the past that it was good at seizing opportunities and winning with speed, but

"connotative growth", don't underestimate these four words. It makes an enterprise that "relies on continuous expansion of new business to achieve growth" begin to change to "ensure business development with capability improvement"

this change changes the impression that Foton Lovol heavy industry gave people in the past that it was good at seizing opportunities and winning speed, but instead makes efforts in quality upgrading, innovation ability improvement and other aspects to comprehensively improve the quality of business operation

this transformation has also enabled this enterprise with large equipment as its leading business to achieve sustained and rapid development. From January to July this year, Foton Lovol heavy industry sold nearly 410000 sets of various products, achieving a sales revenue of 9.15 billion yuan, an increase of 19.5% year-on-year

under the guidance of the business policy of "connotation growth, structural adjustment and globalization", Foton Lovol heavy industry takes the improvement of system capacity as the main line, and relies on innovation to comprehensively improve the business operation capacity of Lovol construction machinery from multiple links such as R & D, manufacturing, process and quality control

grasp the "cow's nose" -- core technology

in terms of R & D, Foton Lovol heavy industries adheres to the product R & D positioning of "synchronizing with the world at the beginning", relying on the "Trinity" R & D system of Europe, Beijing and Weifang, and under the overall R & D structure of the company, it has set up its own technology centers for the three independent businesses of construction machinery, agricultural equipment and vehicles

core technology breakthroughs are the "bellwether" of the upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry. In order to strengthen and improve the enterprise's technological innovation ability, Foton Lovol heavy industry spends 3% to 5% of its operating revenue on research and development every year. In recent years, enterprises have invested nearly 2billion yuan in R & D and innovation

in 2007, the Engineering Technology Research Institute of the company in Shandong was recognized as the "national recognized enterprise technology center". In order to further build a research and development system that is synchronized with the world, since 2009, they have also begun to prepare for the establishment of two major research and development centers in Beijing and Europe, forming a trinity research and development pattern and further seizing the technological commanding heights

in addition, Foton Lovol heavy industry also invested 500million yuan to build a trial production and test center project. The first phase of the project has been completed and put into use at the end of 2010. To be more precise, it should be a redundant step in capacity structure, which has improved Foton Lovol heavy industry's technology research and development, trial production and test capacity, improved lean manufacturing capacity, and created conditions for the optimization and upgrading of product structure

agricultural equipment and construction machinery are the two core businesses of Foton Lovol heavy industry. Foton Lovol heavy industry aims at high-power and high-tech products in the field of agricultural equipment in the two major industries; The new platform with high reliability in the field of construction machinery will focus on breaking through the industry bottleneck of slow technology

since 2010, Lovol agricultural equipment business has successfully developed 6kg/s large feed harvesters, achieving a major breakthrough in the field of large feed harvesters; Its successful development of new rice machine products has become the leader of domestic rice machines. As an agricultural machinery product representing the domestic high-end technology level, Lovol Ceres cp04 corn combine has also been identified and put on the market, further enriching and optimizing the product portfolio of the enterprise<3. Spindle speed: 40 r/min-200 r/min (stepless adjustment)/p>

in view of the promotion of new agronomy such as subsoiling operation advocated by the state at present, through the implementation of industry university research cooperation with domestic universities and scientific research institutions, the product development is deeply combined with agronomy. Lovol tractor products successfully cover the 25 ~ 320 horsepower range, and the product portfolio is continuously optimized and enriched, which can effectively meet the needs of various agronomic operations, Lovol tractor's product line span and technical reserves are leading in China

at the same time, Lovol construction machinery business represented by Lovol loaders is also in the limelight. In 2011, Lovol engineering machinery business continued to upgrade its product structure and successively launched new family members of ETX loaders such as Lovol etx958 and etx966. After more than ten technical upgrades, Lovol 2011 upgraded loader and Lovol ETX loader products have more mature technology, superior performance and more reliable quality

at present, Lovol loaders have formed a combination of 4 series, 9 models and more than 100 product resources, effectively covering different market needs

Lovol excavator actively introduced and absorbed European leading technology, integrated the world's top parts resources, made a new development with three-dimensional technology, listened to the opinions of customers, upgraded and improved many times, and developed a new generation of excavator products with independent intellectual property rights - Lovol 2011 excavator, which has an eye-catching performance after being put on the market

the improvement of R & D ability is inseparable from the recruitment of talents. The company attaches great importance to the recruitment and training of talents. On the one hand, it will attract more domestic and international excellent technical talents to join, and on the other hand, it will facilitate the close perception and docking of international cutting-edge technologies

more than 700 fresh college students recruited by Foton Lovol heavy industry from colleges and universities across the country this year have recently registered and completed the entry procedures. With 300 people recruited through social channels, the company will recruit more than 1000 people this year

it is reported that the 1700 college students who are the main agenda of the conference are mostly from well-known domestic colleges and universities, with majors covering machinery, management, information technology, etc. the proportion of personnel with master's degree or above has exceeded 10%. The number of recruiters and academic level have reached the highest number of campus talents accepted by Foton Lovol heavy industry over the years. These 700 college students will enrich all links of the value chain such as quality, technology and management, and reserve a high-quality talent team for future business development

in addition to large-scale campus recruitment, in order to meet the demand for expert talents for the future strategic business development, the company also increased the recruitment of overseas talents, established the project promotion office of the European R & D center, and sent professional teams to Italy, Japan and other places to be responsible for the recruitment of core R & D talents in the business fields of excavators, tractors, etc., in order to improve Europe, Beijing Shandong's "Trinity" R & D system has attracted a large number of high-end talents

at the same time, in order to attract and retain talents, Foton Lovol heavy industry also established a high-tech talent development fund, actively innovated the salary system, optimized the medium and long-term incentive mechanism, reasonably adjusted the salary structure, built a supporting global performance management system and post evaluation system, actively created "hidden benefits" for employees, formed a set of consistent and differentiated salary strategies, and promoted talent development

in addition to increasing efforts to attract talents, Foton Lovol heavy industry also accelerated the construction of its internal talent training system and established the leadership, professionalism and internationalization 5 A talent training center with uneven surface color and light of blackened parts. In 2011, a new postgraduate joint training base in Shandong Province was established to establish strategic cooperation with domestic universities such as Shandong University of technology, and a three-dimensional education platform integrating master's, junior college and technical secondary school was built

the development and training of internal and external talents provide all-round human resources support for the realization of Foton Lovol's globalization goal. Zhangmaohua, director of human resources of Foton Lovol heavy industry, said, "talents are the source of strength to promote the healthy development of enterprises and the core competitiveness of enterprises. Talent development is a strategic move for Foton Lovol heavy industry to develop globally in the future."

take a big step - financial innovation

based on the principle of customer first, Foton Lovol heavy industry took the lead in putting forward the industrialized operation concept of financial business and the "manufacturer integration" concept of benefit sharing between enterprises and agents, helping agents improve their financial service capabilities and improve their risk management and control system

according to the relevant person in charge of Foton Lovol heavy industry, under the background of the booming domestic construction machinery industry, the competition of physical business is becoming increasingly fierce, and the price war also makes the profit margin of physical products decline. Taking the financial business as the core, integrate other links of the industrial value chain, provide customers with overall solutions, and realize the transformation of business model, It is becoming another important battlefield besides the competition of construction machinery business entities

the new marketing mode of construction machinery represented by financial services has an increasing impact on the industry. In recent years, the financial business of construction machinery has developed rapidly. At present, well-known enterprises in the domestic industry have been involved in financial business, and have set up their own financial business platforms to expand the scale of financial business, including Foton Lovol heavy industry

construction machinery finance business is a financial activity based on the credit sales led business model of construction machinery products, which is jointly participated by manufacturers, banks, leasing companies, agents (dealers) and customers to finance the circulation and purchase of products, including inventory financing that provides operating capital support for dealers in the circulation link, and bank mortgage that provides credit capital support for customers in the purchase link Equipment financing such as financial leasing and installment payment can effectively control credit risk while solving the problem of insufficient purchasing power of end users

at the end of 2005, Foton Lovol heavy industry began to enter the financial business field of construction machinery to provide financial services for customers and agents. Through learning benchmarking and management innovation, the financial business has gone through two development stages of business introduction and business promotion, and initially built a diversified financial business platform, forming a pattern of balanced development of mortgage and leasing businesses. However, with its rapid development, it also exposed some disadvantages, such as the inability to provide flexible and rich financial products, and the imperfect risk management and control system. After research, with the intensification of physical product competition among mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises, enterprises in the industry have set up their own financial leasing companies, asset management companies, guarantee companies, built their own financial business platforms, provided more professional financial services, and took financial business as the core to innovate the business model of industrial full value chain operation, so as to realize the upgrading of mechanical equipment manufacturing industry

for this reason, the company upgraded its financial business organization system in October 2010, established Huiyin guarantee company and Huiyin leasing company, and built a new financial business platform, which can not only provide better financial services for customers and agents of Foton Lovol heavy industry, but also realize the business model innovation of full value chain operation of the industry, To lay a solid foundation for becoming a world-class mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprise, especially in promoting the rapid development of construction machinery business, the combination of the two is increasingly inseparable and indispensable

as non banking financial institutions, Huiyin guarantee company and Huiyin leasing company attach great importance to team building based on the principle of professionals doing professional things. All employees of the company have bachelor's degrees or above from national key universities. By combining the introduction of external high-end talents with internal training, they have quickly built a team of more than 100 professionals

at the same time, in order to provide high-quality financial services to agents and end users, Foton Lovol heavy industry attaches great importance to the development and maintenance of financial resources, and

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