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Billion contact × Baiguoyuan

the deployment of Yilian video conference system meets the needs of all kinds of meetings. Christine Drake, vice president of industry, labor and economics of American Automotive Research Center, pointed out that it greatly saves our communication costs and improves our communication efficiency

Xu Haokun, it director of Baiguoyuan

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time is money. This old saying has the most practical meaning for Baiguoyuan, a large chain enterprise

however, the industry leader with 4000 chain stores has to pay attention to the time-consuming and labor-consuming problems of numerous and miscellaneous personnel, difficult management, decentralized and inefficient communication in stores, and easy error and omission of information dissemination

after many comparisons, Baiguoyuan finally chose the Yilian cloud + end video conference system, which brings them high-speed instruction transmission, efficient personnel management, high-quality interaction and cooperation, and helps them maintain a large volume of operation, but also one step faster

various meeting forms meet the operation needs of chain enterprises

for Baiguoyuan, it is necessary to manage 4000 stores, from employee management to business resumption. There are many meetings of various types and specifications, such as regular business reports, staff training, personnel recruitment, upstream and downstream meetings

(large staff training multi-party membership)

the Yilian video conference system has a variety of membership methods and rich meeting control functions, which can effectively meet the needs of Baiguoyuan for daily communication of various meetings. Employees can join the meeting at any time through, computers, video conference terminals and other means. Real time file sharing and interactive cooperation also make the meeting process intuitive and vivid

good network adaptability, 4G can also smoothly join the club

for chain enterprises, many small stores cannot deploy high bandwidth networks and professional video equipment, which requires the system to provide smooth video services under low-speed configuration. In addition, the large differences in network environment between stores and the large number of concurrent meetings also put the audio and video quality and high concurrency performance of the system under test

(join the meeting through 4G network)

Yilian video conference system adopts self-developed advanced audio and video algorithm, has low requirements for network bandwidth, and supports 30% video packet loss and 80% audio packet loss. Even if you join the meeting with 4G network in stores, the video and audio quality of the meeting will not be affected. In addition, Yilian cloud video supports svc/avc mixed encoding and decoding mode, and easily opens multi-party high concurrency meetings

quick use and promotion, simple use without operation and maintenance

for large chain enterprises such as Baiguoyuan, if they want to promote the use of a system, they will pay a lot of training and publicity costs, and the subsequent operation and maintenance and management will also test the ability of enterprise IT personnel. The simplicity and convenience of the system have become the key for chain enterprises to make choices

(simple operation interface and background)

the operation logic and UI interface of Yilian video conference system are similar to common intelligent common faults such as flat panel 6: the system is similar. Employees can easily use it without receiving additional training of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRTP) prepared by combining the advantages of engineering plastics, such as corrosion resistance, low specific gravity, impact resistance, easy molding, and twice use. The equipment management platform can also intelligently detect the use of various equipment, remotely control the equipment, deploy and upgrade in batches, which greatly reduces the management cost of it operation and maintenance personnel

with the surge of the new retail wave, the intelligent, modern and digital communication and cooperation mode is changing the traditional chain enterprises, taking sharing bicycles as an example, so that they can race against time and create greater value. The cloud integrated Yilian video conference system provides a high-quality digital transformation scheme for large chain enterprises to improve efficiency, reduce costs and communicate effectively

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