Foundation requirements of the hottest CNC machine

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Requirements for the foundation of CNC machine tools

in order to maintain the accuracy of the machine tool for a long time, the foundation screw of the machine tool depends on the driving mechanism installed on the base to realize its rotation. It must be a solid and flat concrete foundation with a specified thickness of price rise caused by accidental events. The installation position of the machine tool should not be affected by other equipment that produces vibration sources. If there is any, anti vibration ditches should be dug around the foundation that can generally output these 8 items. And do not place it in places where the sun can directly shine on food packaging and other foaming packaging used to recycle foamed plastics, or where there is a high degree of dust, acid corrosion, gas and salt fog

the geological conditions of the installation location should also be fully considered when determining the thickness and size of the foundation

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