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Yilian will attend the 2014 China call center and enterprise communication conference

the world's top 3 SIP Phone Provider - yealink will attend the call center Enterprise Communication Expo China again, and join hands with authoritative experts and scholars in Asia and even the world to share their vision and strategy for the upcoming new communication era

China call center and enterprise communication conference is the annual conference of call center and enterprise communication hosted by CTI forum. With communication and cooperation in the Internet environment as the core, this conference will specifically discuss hot topics such as enterprise communication, call center and next-generation communication architecture, so as to continue to promote the development of ICT industry and timely feed back the latest trends of industrial development

Yilian will launch a call center solution around the major conference issues. The traditional call center is gradually evolving towards IP call center. IP brings more extensive access methods and rich functional applications to the call center. The one-stop solution for IP call center terminals released by Yilian is deployed to all terminal links of the call center by virtue of its rich online communication end product series of terminal upper and lower computers and its perfect compatibility with mainstream call center systems such as Genesys, Avaya, Hang Seng, etc. The T19 and T21 models launched at the end of last year are hot in the call center market. Sip-t21p and sip-t19p, as the product supplement of Yilian t2x series phones, continue the high-end quality of Yilian products, and at the same time, customize the functions in combination with the core office needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, so that the phones can meet the office needs of enterprises to the greatest extent, while significantly reducing the deployment cost

t48g, the world's first smart IP phone, has comprehensively explained the advantages of Yilian's next-generation communication and brought more communication options to customers. Through groundbreaking design, t48g integrates technology, profession and fashion. Equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, the phone not only gives users an excellent audio-visual experience and a professional and atmospheric image, but also greatly improves work efficiency through one touch operation. T48g also continues the use of Yilian t4x series high stability, HD sound quality friction and wear tester, supports gigabit network, supports Bluetooth headset and other advantageous functions

Yilian will concentrate its advantageous resources and fully assist in the development of the pressure testing machine series of the conference, so as to bring a unique visual feast to the guests. While promoting the development of ICT industry, it should timely reflect the latest trends of industrial development. Booth No.6 and No.10 of Yilian company are looking forward to your visit and guidance

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