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Yiling, Hubei Province: 35 projects signed for investment promotion in the industrial chain, with a total investment of 18.3 billion yuan

release date: Source: China business

recently, Yiling District, Yichang City, Hubei Province held a centralized signing ceremony for key investment promotion projects in 2020, with a total of 35 projects signed, with a total agreed investment of 18.3 billion yuan

it is understood that this centralized signing project involves six industries, including food and beverage, biomedicine, equipment manufacturing, advanced basic materials, e-commerce logistics and cultural tourism, covering multiple industrial chain segments, such as generic pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical products manufacturing, intelligent equipment manufacturing, electrical cable manufacturing, food processing manufacturing, refined tea processing and so on

since the beginning of this year, Yiling District, as an important core of Yichang's "dual core driven, multi-point support, and coordinated development" strategy, in accordance with the requirements of Yichang municipal Party committee and government for "one high, two competitions, and three decisive victories", has steadfastly adhered to the annual goal, and with the sense of urgency and sense of "no wait, seize the day", it has taken the initiative to attack, and made every effort to seize back the lost time, find the missed opportunities, and make up for the losses caused, Ensure that the annual investment attraction task is fully completed

Yiling District will continue to adhere to the concept of "Pro business, business safety and prosperity", accelerate the creation of a business environment with "the lowest cost, the highest efficiency and the best service", concentrate on the service guarantee of contracted projects, effectively solve problems for enterprises, and work together to promote the early implementation and effectiveness of projects. At the same time, we should establish a sense of nodes, highlight the project difficulties, race against time for progress, pay close attention to quality, pave the way for the late construction of the signed project and enterprise development, escort, and provide fine services. We should go all out to pay attention to the landing, start construction, and promote production, so as to speed up the project construction, help Yiling industrial cluster development and transformation and upgrading, and achieve the goals of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development

activating private investment and expanding effective investment are the "driving horse" and "driving engine" of economic and social development. In the past two years, the Yiling District Party committee and the district government have established that the recruitment can minimize the energy input. The scales used for attracting investment and project construction include nine scales a, B, C, D, e, F, G, h, and K. the whole district has firmly established the concept of "project is king", adhered to the principle of "industry management, investment promotion, and enterprise service", promoted the general mobilization of the whole district, the whole people's attention to investment promotion, and made every effort to implement projects, including family investment promotion, and the investment promotion of local talents and talents Industry chain investment promotion, equity investment promotion, counterpart support investment promotion and revitalizing the stock investment promotion methodology, and actively expand the source channels of investment promotion information. Focus on extending the industrial chain of investment, set up four major industries, namely food and beverage, biomedicine, equipment manufacturing, and advanced basic materials, led by district leaders, to test the physical properties of various building reinforcement bending in the forward and reverse directions, and targeted at the precise docking of nearly 200 domestic key enterprises in 13 sub industrial chains of the four major industries, so as to promote investment promotion to be more environmentally friendly Efficient processing technology has become the focus of processing enterprises, and the implementation of projects

the district continues to deepen the reform of "release, management and service", strengthen the implementation of the reform of "six in one", further promote the "five double" mechanism of project vacancy approval, promote the deepening of "double hundred" service activities, implement the system of project managers, service specialists and agency services, and create an efficient and high-quality business environment. Since 2019, 221 key projects of investment attraction have been signed in the region, with a total agreed investment of nearly 57 billion. A large number of investment attraction projects, such as Guangsheng Jianke, Junyao dahealth, bosiqin, Yimeng packaging, HengAn traditional Chinese medicine formula granules, Changlian dule freeze-dried powder injection, Hongjin technology, climbing computer, have signed and landed with local enterprise chain extension projects, building a "chess game" for the development and expansion of the whole industrial chain

next, the area will focus on the "new infrastructure" and strategic emerging industries, deeply docking Yiling's leading industries, focusing on the investment promotion of the biomedical industry chain, and building an important pole of Yichang national generic pharmaceutical base. Seize the opportunity of starting the construction of Yichang Xingshan high-speed railway connecting line and the completion of Fanba Jiangbei expressway, plan the construction of the economic zone near Yichang North Station of high-speed railway, and improve the carrying capacity of major investment projects

highlight the two-way operation of online and offline, the combination of internal excavation and external introduction, and the two-way efforts of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, and deepen economic cooperation with counterparts such as Shanghai, Heilongjiang, Qingdao, and the Three Gorges group. Focus on planning a series of investment activities in the Yangtze River Delta region, continue to hire a group of investment ambassadors, hire a group of high-quality development consultants, gather a group of rural elites, promote business investment, and introduce a number of large and good projects

insist on cultivating and introducing a number of major projects and leading enterprises with strong driving force as a breakthrough to deepen the investment attraction of the industrial chain. Focusing on a number of leading industrial leading enterprises such as Daohuaxiang group, HengAn pharmaceutical, Junyao, etc., we will carry out upstream and downstream chain extension, supplement and strengthen the chain, and expand and strengthen the four industrial clusters of food and beverage, biomedicine, equipment manufacturing, and advanced basic materials

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