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Yilian VC series video conference won the TMC Laboratory Innovation Award

recently, the VC series video conference products of the world's leading UC terminal solution provider and the global top2 SIP Phone Provider, yealink, won the 2015 TMC Laboratory Innovation Award issued by the world's largest communication media TMC. The TMC Laboratory Innovation Award is intended to reward products and enterprises that promote the development of communication technology through technological innovation and unique functional design

we are very happy that Yilian VC series video conference has won the annual TMC Laboratory Innovation Award. Lu Rongfu, deputy general manager of Yilian, said that in order to solve the problems that have plagued small and medium-sized enterprises' video conference for a long time, Yilian has launched VC series video conference through unremitting efforts and innovation on the basis of more than ten years of technology accumulation. This award is an affirmation of Yilian's focus and innovation

although video conferencing is of great benefit to improve the efficiency of enterprise communication and cooperation and reduce the cost of enterprise management, the application of video conferencing in small and medium-sized enterprises is not high. The main reason is that video conferencing in the current market can not effectively solve the major problems faced by small and medium-sized enterprises for a long time, such as poor network foundation, lack of IT resources, and high expansion costs. To solve these problems, Yilian launched a VC series of video conferences

Yilian VC series video conference has the characteristics of extreme audio-visual experience, easy to use and deploy, no special line network, wide compatibility, and one-step price. VC series supports 1080p Full HD video, and the sound quality has passed tia920 certification, which can create an immersive mechanism audio-visual experience. At the same time, Yilian video conference is easy to use and deploy, and supports intelligent network penetration. 1 When the concrete pressure testing machine is used, the power supply voltage can easily be mixed into other recycling streams, which must be accurate; There is no need for complex network firewall settings. The interactive design is simple and friendly, and non professionals can complete the whole process from unpacking to dialing the first video call within 5 minutes under the guidance of the quick installation guide. In addition, Yilian video conference can also save 50% of broadband. Small and medium-sized enterprises do not need to upgrade their dedicated networks, and gather customers to experience the full HD and smooth video conference experience. In addition, Yilian video conference is also widely compatible with cloud platforms, other mainstream video conference brands, MCU, etc., which can significantly save the expansion cost of enterprises. There is no need to purchase another license to realize U-disk recording and broadcasting, 1080p, dual screen, software upgrade, etc., so as to help small and medium-sized enterprises enjoy the ultimate experience in limited investment

we have seen the product innovation made by Yilian to promote the development of the unified communication industry. Resistance produced by TM materials. Rich Tehrani, CEO of C, said that I hope Yilian can bring more innovation to the unified communication industry and promote the unified communication industry to achieve better development in the future

about tmc:

tmc (technology marketing COR) is the largest communication media in the world. Its publications include customer interaction solutions, Internet telephony, unified communication, and NGN magazine. TMC's station TMCnet is a leading information and article resource station in the communication and technology industry. In addition, TMC also held major conferences such as information technology exhibition (itexpo), 4gwe conference, digium|asterisk World Conference and communications developer conference

about yealink

yealink was founded in Xiamen in 2001. It is a leading UC terminal solution provider in the world. It provides a full range of audio, video and collaboration terminal products based on desktop, wireless, mobile, voice conference, video conference and other enterprise communication application scenarios for global enterprise users. The products are compatible with BroadSoft, asterisk, Avaya, genesis, elastix, tribox More than 80 international mainstream communication platforms such as 3CX. The company's products are sold to nearly 100 countries and regions in North America, the European Union, Asia Pacific, South America, Africa and other regions through authorized dealers. The yealink brand established by the company is rooted in China and radiates all over the world. It has developed into a well-known brand in the field of international unified communication. The company's SIP terminal market share ranks first in China and second in the world (data source: frost Sullivan analysis)

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