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Recently, Yilian Kaitai Ai Ai venture capital fund (hereinafter referred to as Yilian Kaitai Fund) completed its strategic investment in Rongzhi information. This strategic investment will help Rongzhi information to carry out a new round of product technology capacity improvement and channel ecological construction

Wuxi infodator Information Technology Co., Ltd. (infodator) was founded in 2016, focusing on the RPA track. It has a deep technical accumulation in the field of artificial intelligence and automation. It provides enterprise level digital productivity solutions with international standards for the world's top 500 enterprises, central enterprises, government, finance and other large enterprise and public institution groups, and has established a wide range of customer awareness and reputation in the field of software development and R & D efficiency

layout intelligent software track

investment in intelligent information to improve enterprise digitalization scheme

at this stage, the enterprise is faced with the problems of information technology development/transformation, internal information system fragmentation and chaos, and low standardization; At the same time, facing the external market environment of reduced economic growth and increased labor costs, enterprises urgently need to improve efficiency and reduce costs for enterprise management through new technology/product innovation

rpa (robotic process automation) technology, translated as robot process automation, is an intelligent software that realizes the automation of workflow by simulating and enhancing the interaction process between human and computer. RPA technology can be applied in a large number of repetitive and well-defined scenarios, such as analyzing duplicate financial statements, completing financial inventory and bookkeeping, and creating various conventional data forms. Virtual robots will help the majority of white-collar workers free from repetitive work and basic judgment work, and employees will be more responsible for creativity, innovation and other value discovery and creation work, so as to reduce enterprise costs and release employees' ability

Yilian and Rongzhi information are both promoters of enterprise digital transformation. They continue to invest in product research and development, empower enterprises through professional capabilities, jointly create low-cost and efficient digital productivity solutions, help enterprises realize digital transformation, build core competitiveness, and develop rapidly in the era of intelligent economy

Mr. Lu Rongfu, co-founder of

billion contact, said: Nowadays, labor costs are rising, and RPA is one of the most effective means to help enterprises improve efficiency and reduce costs and realize digital transformation. Rongzhi team adheres to the independent innovation spirit driven by products, pioneers the design concept of 0 code in RPA industry, and breaks through a new RPA business execution mode. The strategic investment of Yilian Kaitai in Rongzhi information is an important step for the company to actively layout the digital ecosystem. The two sides will work together to achieve new breakthroughs in the digital field

Mr. Chai yatuan, CEO of Rongzhi information, said: this new round of financing will help Rongzhi achieve new breakthroughs in the RPA track, accelerate the achievement of the corporate vision of polishing better products with ingenuity, and serving customers with the ultimate use experience, so as to become a top company in the RPA industry. At the same time, Yilian and Kaitai capital will also bring valuable experience and insight to Rongzhi team from product, business to management, and help the company quickly enter a high-speed growth period

Yilian Kaitai fund

investment and innovation technology service enterprise development

in recent years, Yilian on the one hand focuses on its own product research and development and technology accumulation, on the other hand, it also actively participates in the development of excellent enterprises, especially in the valve industry, through investment, mergers and acquisitions. The company and Kaitai capital jointly initiated and established Yilian Kaitai AI venture capital fund, which mainly invests in the innovative applications of cutting-edge technologies such as global enterprise services, cloud services, enterprise security, artificial intelligence, big data, etc; It is hoped that through innovative investment methods, Yilian enterprise communication and collaboration cloud service ecosystem will be gradually built and fully coordinated development will be achieved

the fund team inherits the business style of Yilian focusing, pursuing the ultimate and win-win, adheres to the business philosophy of Kaitai capital's research driven investment, is committed to giving full play to Yilian's industrial resource advantages and management innovation mode, as well as Kaitai capital's value research, industrial analysis ability and deep understanding of business innovation, and focuses on finding high-value projects with technological innovation, product innovation and business model innovation

in addition, Yilian Kaitai fund hopes to become a runner up on the road to enterprise success, insisting on walking side by side with entrepreneurs and helping them run for a long time. Yilian is willing to give full play to its in-depth understanding of the industrial ecology. Through all-round communication with the entrepreneurial team and in-depth interactive discussion on breaking the key technical barriers of aluminum alloy research in Linyi City and Shandong Province, according to the business characteristics of the entrepreneurial team, it shares its accumulated experience in business management, technology research and development, marketing, talent training and other aspects to the entrepreneurial team, Through in-depth research, scientists can also use this kind of advanced adhesive technology to coat the post investment management and comprehensive empowerment of glass windows, helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams! It shows a lasting sealing effect

about Yilian

Xiamen Yilian Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 300628) is a listed company for global corporate communications, providing cloud + side video conferencing, IP voice communication and collaboration solutions with international quality, leading technology and friendly experience, and reaching long-term and in-depth strategic cooperation with international brands such as Microsoft. With R & D as the core, Yilian adheres to independent innovation, owns the world's leading patents for core technologies such as cloud computing, audio and video, and image processing, and is committed to making communication simpler and more efficient, helping all kinds of enterprises and institutions improve efficiency and competitiveness. Its own brand, yealink, sells well in more than 140 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain and Australia. Its SIP phone market share ranks first in the world (Frost Sullivan data) and user satisfaction ranks first in the world (Eastern Management Group survey data)

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