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On September 8, Yilian and Xinjing jointly held u to meet their own needs and even the needs of the world. The 2020 billion new product tour partner recruitment conference Zhengzhou station was officially launched to bring a new generation of audio and video fusion communication solution ume and the third generation of video terminal meetingeye series to users across the country, Provide a unified, convenient and efficient new mode of integrated communication

Mr. Liu Yikun, the regional sales director of central China, made a detailed introduction to the market channel policy and enthusiastically explained the overall solutions of Yilian in the party and government, public security, medical and other industries

Yi contacted Mr. Liu Yikun, regional sales director of central China, and made a speech on the stage.

the roadshow was very popular and full

Mr. houfudong, general manager of Zhengzhou Xinjing Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a passionate speech, expressing warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all guests for their presence. Shared the cooperation process with Yilian, analyzed the development trend of the video communication industry, and the hybrid working mode will come in an all-round way. Smart collaboration has become a necessary option for the new normal office. We firmly believe that Yilian integrated communication has a better market development prospect in Henan. At the same time, it said that we will be more proactive to ensure that the measurement method of the wear parameter of Baixing Baiye can quickly and effectively expand cloud, mobile and Internet applications, help traditional customers upgrade their traditional communication architecture in the past, and promote the intelligent process of their cloud architecture. Under the huge market demand, Xinjing is willing to work together with partners to complement each other ecologically and strategically, not only to help government and enterprise customers open the way of remote collaboration, realize digital transformation, but also to achieve a win-win situation with partners

general manager Mr. Hou Fudong spoke on the stage

in addition to displaying a full range of third-generation and third-generation video terminal meetingeye products, Yilian also showed the guests Yilian integrated communication ume cooperation scheme. The borderless flexible office mode is rapidly becoming the trend that the staff cylinder is a key component. Remote office and remote cooperation have become an important part of the daily operation of many enterprises and organizations, Redefine remote collaboration. Through the linkage of a platform and a variety of terminals, the organization, personnel, business and processes are connected in series to establish a perfect whole scene communication mechanism for enterprises. Help enterprises improve communication efficiency, and let guests see the development prospects of the industry and the infinite possibilities of Yilian

the exhibition area is bustling.

contact Mr. Wang Weiting, technical director of Greater China, presented the product name MVM ⑴ h material friction and wear experimental machine Award to the first prize winning guests.

Mr. Hou Fudong, general manager of Zhengzhou Xinjing, presented the award to the second prize winning guests.

contact Mr. Liu Yikun, sales director of central China, presented the award to the third prize winning guests.

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wonderful review of the exhibition tour

guests inquired about product details, Staff answer questions

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