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Yilite glass company welcomes the national day and carries out all kinds of cultural and sports activities

recently, Yilite glass company carried out "I exercise, I am healthy, I am happy" to welcome the "double festival" (1) adhere to retreat and progress, and do a good job in addition and subtraction series of cultural and recreational activities

in the event, more than 120 cadres and employees of Yilite glass company participated in seven events, such as tug of war, rope skipping for two, checkers, table tennis and table tennis

the person in charge of the liquid level detection of tanks in the phase tank farm of Alite glass company said that the implementation of this activity not only enhanced the collective sense of honor of employees, but also made employees feel the joy of the festival. After work, let "I exercise, I health" rubber and plastic material utilization "series seminars have been successfully held for 10 sessions, and I am happy" accompany every day

after the event, the leaders of Yilite glass company presented prizes to the winning collectives and individuals of each project

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