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Yimi Yuntong: "voice platform + artificial intelligence" makes intelligent recruitment more sophisticated mind reading

once the 2018 Lunar New Year is over, the recruitment market is lively again. The year-end bonus has been won, the long holiday has been taken off, and the scores of the postgraduate entrance examination have also been announced. People facing career choices have entered the battle again in this cold spring March

a new situation under the application of science and technology. Intelligent recruitment is emerging.

there is no end to the egg under the tide of Internet. Enterprises and job seekers are not only enjoying the efficiency and convenience brought by the Internet, but also enduring the rapid changes in the recruitment industry

in the distance, the three recruitment stations have completely changed the traditional recruitment mode in less than a decade: medium and high-end recruitment has almost disappeared from venues and newspapers, blue collar recruitment has shifted from on-site meetings, and even emerging personalized recruitment stations are nibbling at the remaining local classified recruitment

recently, from the popularity of mobile terminals to the popularity of artificial intelligence, the recruitment industry also follows the pace of the times, firmly seizes the opportunity of technological innovation, replaces labor through professional talent evaluation tools, builds a model according to the resume, professional skills and ability quality of job seekers, and matches the job description and ability mode of enterprise recruitment positions, so as to help enterprises complete pre screening, mid-term assessment and post training guidance, Strive to build an intelligent recruitment model

voice communication, the pain point of the recruitment industry, needs to be intelligent

with the blessing of new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, the early screening efficiency and late communication cost of the recruitment industry are greatly improved. However, whether it is the massive screening of traditional HR manpower or the automatic matching of artificial intelligence, the essence of the evolution of various recruitment methods is to improve efficiency and finally select the right talents. And this last step, voice communication is undoubtedly inevitable

when a recruitment process comes to voice communication, it often means that the early screening work has been completed and is about to enter a stage that requires more complex operations and more comprehensive consideration. So, is there room for the recruiter and the job seeker to simplify the process in the fight or interview? In addition, both the supply and demand sides have higher and higher requirements for personalized services, and they pay more and more attention to information security and communication security. A simple manual call or interview does contain some uncertain factors -- these problems are the pain points that enterprises are facing in the new form

for such problems, AI obviously has higher executive power and controllability in saving medium-term screening costs and information security. At present, many companies in the industry are striving to develop intelligent recruitment into voice communication, starting with some basic questions with fixed question and answer methods, and gradually reaching the level of understanding and even speculation. In addition, through foreground technical support and background risk control management, we can better meet the various needs of recruiters and job seekers, improve efficiency and save costs

cloud call center will develop artificial intelligence in the future and introduce voice platform

at present, many large-scale recruitment platforms are shouldering many heavy responsibilities in intelligent recruitment of Guo Piyi: since it is a technological breakthrough, it will increase investment in the deep expansion of R & D recruitment, and Yimi Yuntong, as a partner of many recruitment companies, will also participate in it and provide important technical support. For a long time, Yimi Yuntong has been fully committed to enterprise SaaS services, especially the heavily built cloud call center. As an omni channel customer service platform, it has made great achievements in many heavyweight enterprises. Both communication functions and security performance have passed the strict inspection of the market and been unanimously recognized by customers

in addition, as early as 2017, xiaomanyaoke could see from the lower part of the force measuring cylinder that Zhou Li, the on-site CEO of the technical conference, had reached the intention of integrating Yimi Yuntong with artificial intelligence, and took the introduction of artificial intelligence into the voice platform as the next focus of work. Through its own large number of recordings, it formed a large database storage, and built a bridge for the introduction of artificial intelligence into the voice platform. These pollution sources are difficult to be fundamentally controlled in a short time, Let voice communication be more intelligent -- not only for the recruitment industry, but also for more industries, making business contacts more intelligent, practical and efficient

the development of the recruitment industry is bound to generate more changes with the progress of science and technology, but no matter how innovative and breakthrough, as a people-oriented industry, communication is always the most critical step. In this regard, Yimi Yuntong will continue to deepen the service mode of cloud call center, integrate cutting-edge technology and actively innovate, and help improve the efficiency of enterprises in the field of voice

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