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Yilian appeared at the 2016 first half of the annual meeting of Guangzhou enterprise information executives

ctiforum on June 28 (Li Wenjie): on June 17, the 2016 first half of the annual meeting of Guangzhou enterprise information executives hosted by Guangzhou Economic and Trade Information Center was held in Guangzhou Zhujiang hotel. Including Zhujiang Beer, which has been dominated by some large state-owned enterprises for a long time, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group and yuexiuji, whose comprehensive effect has improved the fatigue strength of the structure. Dozens of well-known enterprises in Guangzhou (about 200 enterprise informatization directors or CIOs), including Guangri group and GAC group, attended the meeting. As the world's leading provider of UC terminal solutions, Yilian company and Fengrui technology appeared at the meeting. Mr. Gao Lei, the product manager of Yilian company, delivered a keynote speech on the way of efficient, convenient and safe modern enterprise communication at the meeting, and discussed the cooperation mode and technological development of modern enterprises with the participants

Mr. Gao Lei, product manager of Yilian company, said that with the continuous expansion of scale, the coordination problem of modern enterprise management and communication is becoming increasingly serious. Traditional communication methods, such as e-mail and business trips, can no longer meet the needs of modern enterprises for efficient communication. Enterprises are eager to improve communication efficiency through video conferencing, but they fail to use video conferencing system due to limited budget, limited IT personnel resources, limited network resources and other reasons. How can we solve the communication problems of modern enterprises? Mr. Gao Lei, product manager of Yilian company, gave the answer at the meeting

Yilian video conference solution is specially tailored for enterprises! Yilian video conference can be used for efficient communication in cross regional enterprise conferences, management communication of branches, remote employee training, remote recruitment, and upstream and downstream supplier communication. The super audio and video processing ability creates the effect of face-to-face communication, and there is no need to upgrade to a dedicated network, no public IP address, no need for special personnel to maintain, so as to improve communication efficiency and reduce operating costs for enterprises

Yilian biodegradable plastic came forward as the most cost-effective choice for small and medium-sized enterprises to choose the video conference solution

at the same time, gaolei, the product manager of Yilian company, can make appropriate adjustments when necessary. The student said at the meeting that Yilian company will launch Yilian video conference cloud management service platform in July to solve the problems that have plagued enterprises for a long time: there is no public IP, it is difficult to use and deploy (complex network environment, limited IT personnel resources, poor dial-up experience), The PC end and the end cannot be interconnected

as the world's second SIP Phone Provider, Yilian's products are sold to nearly 100 countries and regions in North America, the European Union, the Asia Pacific, South America, Africa and other regions through authorized dealers, becoming a Chinese force leading the global IP communication! Through this meeting, Yilian company fully demonstrated that Chinese quality has brought technical quality assurance to everyone. Warm applause broke out on several occasions, praising Yilian and China quality

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