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Yinchuan: disposable tableware can't stop

recently, Shizuishan city began to ban the use of disposable chopsticks. However, in Yinchuan, the capital, and other cities and counties, disposable tableware, including "chopsticks", is still widely used. The various sanitary quality problems of disposable tableware have long attracted the attention of consumers, but why do people "know that there are tigers in the mountains and prefer to walk in the mountains"? Disposable tableware is very popular

a large number of visits to some small and medium-sized restaurants in Yinchuan City, where "chopsticks", plastic cups, paper cups and other disposable tableware are everywhere. The owner of Yunxia niangpi shop in Wenchang North Street, Xixia District, Yinchuan city told: "although this is a small shop, I use at least 150 pairs of sanitary chopsticks and 100 plastic cups every day. The monthly cost of buying sanitary chopsticks and plastic cups is about 100 yuan."

in a comprehensive wholesale market in Yinchuan, accompanied by the sound of "clattering", the deliveryman threw six plastic bags of disposable chopsticks and three disposable lunch boxes onto the tricycle. The boss said to the deliveryman, "it's still the old Liu family." "It's gone again so soon!" The delivery man answered and left. See, there are tricycles and motorcycles stopping at the door of the store to buy once. Their main difference is to operate sexual tableware again

it is observed that there are several kinds of disposable lunch boxes on the market, the most expensive is 0.26 yuan, and the cheapest is only 6 cents. A tableware shop owner proudly introduced that most disposable tableware in Yinchuan came from our merchants in this wholesale market. On average, more than 5000 disposable lunch boxes, more than 30000 disposable paper cups and more than 60000 pairs of disposable chopsticks are sold here every day

the "living environment" of disposable tableware

it was found in the interview that disposable chopsticks and lunch boxes in Yinchuan market are mostly "three noes" products. Chopsticks are generally exposed without any packaging. In a restaurant at the intersection of Qinghe street and Beijing Road, Xingqing District, Yinchuan City, a whole set of disposable chopsticks are inserted into a simple plastic chopstick cage and let customers pick and choose. The chopsticks cage looks like it has not been cleaned for a long time, and the black dirt obscures its original color. A middle-aged man took out a handful, picked out a pair of white ones, and inserted the rest back into the chopsticks cage

it is observed that disposable chopsticks are generally placed in bottles, cans or simple chopsticks cages. As customers are wary of the hygiene of disposable chopsticks, they pick them up in the chopsticks box when taking them, and black dirt will be deposited on them over time

in a comprehensive wholesale market in Yinchuan, disposable napkins, plastic cups and disposable lunch boxes were piled in front of the tableware shop. Entering the store, the packaging bag of disposable chopsticks was written with the words "potassium chloride", "high-efficiency chemical fertilizer" and so on. The chopsticks bags printed with the words "welcome, sanitation and disinfection" were empty and packed in bundles in cartons. The owner of a grocery store on Tongxin Road in Xixia district also sells this kind of disposable tableware. She bluntly told: "for high-end restaurants or hot pot shops, they wholesale some chopsticks bags. If you go back to your own set, you will get a higher grade."

restaurant owner: customers only recognize "disposable"

the survey found that some restaurants have disinfected chopsticks, bowls and cups for customers to choose from while using disposable tableware, but this practice has not been affirmed by consumers. The owner of a restaurant in Wenchang North Street, Xixia district said, "our store tried to use sterilized bowls, chopsticks and cups, but many customers didn't accept it and asked us to provide paper cups and disposable chopsticks. They always suspected that our tableware was not sterilized and dirty." The boss also told, "Once I explained to the customer that our tableware is cleaner than disposable ones, but the customer replied to me, 'you don't let me use disposable ones, is it to save money for myself!' personally, I advocate using sterile tableware. In fact, disposable tableware is not equal to hygiene. I saw a child sitting on a pile of chopsticks counting chopsticks, such as the plastic cups and paper cups we bought, but also wipe or wash them again, otherwise there will be dust 。”

the owner of a dumpling restaurant frankly told: "Although the media has exposed disposable tableware for many times in recent years, no one has said that disposable tableware can't be used. Besides, customers relatively believe in disposable tableware. Selfishly, our operators choose disposable chopsticks, killing two birds with one stone. 100 pairs of chopsticks are also 1.7 yuan, and each disposable plastic cup is 2 yuan. The cost of each month is far lower than that of hiring a handyman. Besides, disposable chopsticks can make a fire after use, and there is no need to buy another one Wood. "

consumer: are there any other options

"I'm afraid it's not clean when I eat outside all day. I also want to use clean tableware. The problem is that I have no choice. Now most restaurants are using disposable tableware, and sometimes I don't dare to use disinfected chopsticks, because I can't see whether they have been disinfected with the naked eye." Ma Ning, a salesman engaged in marketing, said

a classmate surnamed Bai from northwest Second Institute for Nationalities said: "Most people know the reason why we can't use disposable chopsticks now, but most of the places where our students eat are small shops on the street. Where do we get sterile tableware like this? So disposable chopsticks and plastic bags have become our only choice. Sometimes students joke that in addition to ramen, there are bacteria on chopsticks and harmful chemicals on plastic bags in everyone's stomach."

disposable tableware: where is the way?

disposable tableware was originally hygienic and convenient, but in real life, we found that its hygiene has been greatly reduced. According to a doctor surnamed Wei of Yinchuan first people's Hospital, the large use of prohibited materials such as calcium carbonate, talc powder, industrial paraffin and waste plastics in production will lead to the mutual dissolution of minerals and additives added to lunch boxes and water, vinegar, oil and other substances contained in food. After entering the human body with food, it may cause indigestion, local pain, liver system diseases and other diseases, affecting children's intellectual development, Serious cases can lead to gallstones, heavy metal poisoning and even cell cancer. Dr. Wei also told that disposable chopsticks hide three major hazards: damage to respiratory function, the production process of disposable chopsticks needs to be fumigated with sulfur, and sulfur dioxide will be released in case of heat during use, eroding respiratory mucosa; The digestive function is damaged. The disposable chopsticks are bleached with hydrogen peroxide during the production process. Hydrogen peroxide is highly corrosive, causing corrosion to the mouth, esophagus and even gastrointestinal tract; Talc powder used in the grinding process, if not cleaned up, will slowly accumulate in the human body, bringing confidence to extruder enterprises and making people suffer from gallstones. Even if disposable chopsticks are disinfected, the longest shelf life is only 4 months. Once the shelf life has passed, they are likely to bring bacteria such as Staphylococcus flavus and Escherichia coli, especially chopsticks without packaging are more likely to cause cross contamination

according to a person in charge of the market contract section of Xingqing No. 1 branch of Yinchuan Administration for Industry and commerce, they investigated and dealt with disposable tableware that obviously did not meet the hygiene regulations in the process of daily inspection. However, relevant people from the industry and Commerce Department also told that at present, when investigating and dealing with disposable tableware in the circulation field, most of them use the naked eye. A person in charge of Yinchuan Municipal Health Supervision Institute was called. When asked whether it is possible to ban disposable chopsticks in the capital Yinchuan, the person in charge said that he was inconvenient to disclose. He said that he had just heard that Shizuishan city began to ban them and that the other end of the sample was clamped in the lower clamp

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