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Yilian won the "top ten brands of video conference"

recently, the 2016 top ten brands in the digital audio and video industry were selected and selected by China digital audio and video engineering and digital audio and video engineering magazine. Yilian, the world's leading UC terminal solution provider, won the 2016 top ten brands of video conference. At the same time, baolitong and other well-known video conference brands at home and abroad won the prize

Yilian won the top ten brand award of video conference

as one of the authoritative Award activities in the industry, the top ten brands in the digital audio and video industry in 2016 have been successfully held for ten years. This time, Yilian was selected as one of the top ten brands of video conference in 2016, which is another affirmation of Yilian's product R & D strength and market performance by industry experts, media and users

as the world's top2 SIP Phone Provider and the world's leading UC terminal solution provider, Yilian has focused on enterprise communication for 16 years, has more than 100 domestic and foreign patents and software copyrights, and is also a rare enterprise in the world with its own video conference engine technology. Its product quality, performance and reliability are at the world's leading level. At present, it has provided video conference services for meituan, Galaxy jewelry, Tianjin University, etc

they all chose Yilian video conference

compared with most products and established manufacturers on the market, Yilian video conference is easy to deploy and use. The unique video conference cloud management service platform of Yilian can help enterprises solve the deployment problems such as high deployment costs, lack of public IP addresses and inability of branch venues to communicate. Without any complex network settings, users can log in to the frequency meeting of no oil flow from the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve with one click only through the account password or pin code. Simpler deployment, operation and use enable every enterprise to experience a simple, efficient and easy-to-use video communication platform

Yilian video conference cloud management service platform integrates registration server, penetration server and enterprise address local server, and solves the problem of video conference deployment.

at the same time, Yilian video conference overturns people's perception of the high price of traditional hardware video conference. It is understood that three flights from Xiamen to Harbin can buy a set of Yilian video conference. You can enjoy 1080p HD smooth video without paying extra for network equipment upgrade and personnel deployment and maintenance

one set of Yilian video conference can be bought for three round-trip airfares from Xiamen to Harbin.

at present, Yilian provides a one-stop video conference solution, which covers large-scale enterprise headquarters conference rooms, small and medium-sized conference rooms of branch water-resistant institutions, leadership desktop and mobile terminal solutions. No matter what your video conference needs, Yilian one-stop video conference solution allows you to communicate and collaborate face-to-face anytime, anywhere

before, people were more concerned about technology and methods

conference room solutions for large enterprise headquarters

conference room solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises

Leadership desktop solutions

mobile terminal solutions

about the decision to carry out relevant industrialization research in the field of polylactic acid, Yilian

Yilian company is the world's second SIP Phone Provider and the world's leading UC terminal solution provider. The products are sold to nearly 100 countries and regions in North America, European Union, Asia Pacific, South America, Africa and other regions through authorized dealers. The products are deeply welcomed by users at home and abroad, and have developed into a well-known brand in the field of international unified communication

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