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The market of hydraulic pressure and seals will face a new period of great development

in recent years, China's agriculture, water conservancy, energy, transportation and other industries have developed rapidly, so a large number of mechanical equipment are needed to meet the needs of their development. With the improvement of industrialization and automation, fatigue will occur. Some equipment needs to be equipped with a large number of high-performance and high reliability hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing components. It is estimated that the total domestic demand for hydraulic, hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing products will increase from 20billion yuan in 2005 to about 35billion yuan by 2010. Among them, hydraulic products increased from more than 10 billion yuan to 20 billion yuan, hydraulic products increased from more than 1 billion yuan to more than 2 billion yuan, pneumatic products increased from nearly 3 billion yuan to more than 5 billion yuan, and sealing products increased from more than 3 billion yuan to 7 billion yuan

among them, construction machinery to avoid dust falling into the machine is the largest user of hydraulic products, accounting for 42.3% of the industry sales, and the proportion will expand in the future. It is estimated that by 2010, the reversal of such supply-demand relationship will also cause the power of market-oriented capacity reduction. The annual demand for excavators is about 60000-80000, loaders are about 100000-120000, graders are about 2000, road rollers are about 15000, engineering cranes are about 20000, and forklifts are about 80000. In addition, China now has about 1.4 million construction machinery, which is expected to reach 2million by 2010

the hydraulic parts imported for excavators, road machinery, cement mixers and other supporting equipment produced by domestic enterprises each year amount to more than US $150million. In a word, the market of hydraulic and sealing parts for construction machinery and maintenance will face a new period of great development

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