The market performance continued to be weak after

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Phenol Market: the market continues to be weak after the manufacturer's sharp price reduction

after reinstalling the software, copy the backup files to the new installation path for replacement. Last weekend, the domestic manufacturer cut prices sharply, but the market has not been out of the downturn, with a pessimistic mentality and poor transactions

North China: transactions in the phenol market around Yanshan are light, with local mainstream transactions at yuan/ton and some transactions upside down at 50 yuan at 15500 yuan/ton. Local dealers are not optimistic about the market this month, and it is difficult for downstream demand to increase significantly, so sales are under pressure. East China: the phenol Market in East China fell under the influence of the price reduction of Gaoqiao Petrochemical. At present, the quotation of domestic goods is 15800 yuan/ton or slightly lower, and the quotation of imported goods is yuan/ton to avoid rust. Most transactions are 15700 yuan/ton. Due to the poor downstream demand, traders lack confidence in the future market, and there are not many external negotiations. The portal Brinell hardness tester of Jinan experimental machine factory in Central China is a new model: the market price of phenol in Hunan is yuan/ton, the local inventory is being replenished one after another, the demand is general, the mentality of local traders is pessimistic, and some people continue to be bearish on the later market. South China: the phenol Market in Fujian is also declining. At present, the local mainstream negotiation is at yuan/ton, gradually moving closer to the low end, and the downstream purchases on demand. Dealers also take a cautious wait-and-see attitude towards the future market, and still maintain low inventory operations

pure benzene Market: the domestic pure benzene market continues to be weak, and the inventory in the domestic market has decreased, but there is still a certain pressure. Market negotiations and transactions are relatively light, which continues to suppress the price. However, the steady rise in crude oil prices and the rebound in U.S. market prices have certain support for the market mentality, so the short-term market price of pure benzene will remain in order

the overall market performance is weak, the downstream demand is general, the port area is impacted by the imported low-cost phenol, and the transaction price is low. Some traders are not optimistic about the market in September, and their mentality is pessimistic. It is expected that the market will be deadlocked and consolidated tomorrow

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