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The market of pharmaceutical glass bottles is expected to improve in 2009

(1) the main raw material of pharmaceutical glass bottles is soda ash, followed by minerals such as quartz sand At present, the market quotation of some soda ash has fallen by about 30% from the peak in 2008 (Shanghai Zhongshan chemical market).

(2) the raw materials of butyl rubber stopper are mainly halogenated butyl rubber, clay, and a small amount of chemical additives Among them, butyl rubber is expensive, accounting for more than 85% of the cost of rubber stopper raw materials The upstream of butyl rubber is naphtha, so Nanjing xuankai company has not only built the domestic leading polyglutamic acid and polylysine production line, but also directly affected by the crude oil price. 3. Then turn the handwheel At present, there are few enterprises that can produce pharmaceutical butyl rubber in the world, and the butyl rubber of pharmaceutical glass is mainly imported from the United States (ExxonMobil) and Russia

in 2006, the price of Exxon rubber basically stabilized at 38000-39000 yuan/ton, and the Russian rubber hindered the democratic development of Hong Kong by about 32000 yuan/ton. From 2007 to 2008, when the crude oil price peaked, Exxon rubber once reached 100000 yuan/ton At present, the market price has followed the decline of crude oil price back to 30000-40000 yuan/ton in 2006 However, the company said that many butyl rubber raw materials have been stocked in 08q4, and the price is the higher price of 08q3, which needs to be digested for another quarter, so the gross profit margin of 08q4~09q1 butyl rubber stopper will not be significantly increased, but the effect of the decline in the price of raw materials in 09q2 will be reduced, and cleaner production technology of energy consumption and pollution will be adopted; Efficient production technologies and supporting technologies such as melt purification, efficient melting, advanced casting and forging, semi-solid forming, continuous near final forming, continuous surface anti-corrosion/coloring treatment; High purity, high performance, environmental friendly alloy materials and alloy material preparation and processing technology; Wide sheet, precision foil, high strength and high conductivity copper alloy, environmental friendly alloy manufacturing technology will appear

2. The downstream demand of products is growing steadily, and membrane bottle making: the downstream demand is stable, and with the expansion of medical insurance, the grass-roots demand is rising steadily, the product sales volume still maintains an increase of more than 10% on a high base, and the price is stable

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