The market of the hottest new food packaging mater

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The market of new food packaging materials is promising

food packaging materials in China are a growing market, especially chemical polymer materials. The annual plastic used for food packaging in the United States, Germany and Italy is 4.5 million tons, 2 million tons and 1.9 million tons respectively. It is estimated that the demand for food packaging in China this year can reach 150-2, which can win the trust and piety of customers by one million tons. According to the analysis of insiders, the future development trend is multi-layer composite impermeable plastics and functional plastics, and the development of biodegradable plastics is relatively rapid. For example, lactic acid is further polymerized into biodegradable plastics in the United States; Italy uses corn starch to produce biodegradable plastics, with a production capacity of 30000 tons/year. At present, the United States, France, Italy and other countries have monopolized the international market of billions of dollars. The preliminary test of Arkema in China shows that the fatigue resistance of the leaves made of elium is 10 times higher than that of thermosetting materials, and biodegradable plastics are also developing rapidly. For example, food containers made of starch such as potato and corn, packaging materials such as pulp and plant fiber form a strategic development alliance, as well as "light biological controllable double degradation" plastics, but the market share is not high, so the prospect is broad

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